Awesome Tricks to Lasting Longer In Bed

lasting longer in bed exercises

A man can handle many trials, temptations and failures but poor performance in bed is just one of the worst. Considering the difficulty men undergo to find a sexual partner; the last thing you want is to mess up the odds for a second encounter.

Premature ejaculation (PE), rapid ejaculation, early climax, or whatever the name you have for it is one major hindrance for most men to score big in bed. PE basically entails a lack of voluntary control over one’s ejaculation.

Today, research findings indicate that ejaculation praecox (its Latin term) affects between 25 to 40 percent of men. If you suffer from this discouraging condition, do not sweat, below are a few awesome tricks to last longer.
Use a Condom
As simple as it sounds you will be amazed by what this thin piece of latex can help you achieve. This is because condoms help reduce the stimulation you experience thus delaying the climax for a couple of minutes.

When selecting a condom, look for one with benzocaine in the tip, this is a mild anesthetic with a numbing effect that helps reduce sexual sensation to a controllable level without causing numbness to your partner. Also make sure it is not too thin to cause over excitation. This way, you will manage to hit two birds with one stone in that, you will get to practice safe sex and you will also enjoy elevating your ratings in bed.
Change of positions
If one position feels like you are in cloud nine, move to another. Sometimes those awesome or favorite positions can be your Achilles heel during sex.

Make sure you also communicate with your partner since your most pleasurable positions may not be suitable for your partner. If your partner has a favorable position that you can deal with, try and utilize it to the best of your ability.

It is advisable to refrain from positions that promote up-and down movements instead seek positions that need front-to-back movement as they help you control the overall tempo while making love. With the right tempo, you and your partner will be in for a long and pleasurable sexual journey.


Most men under estimate the importance of their pubococcygeus (PC) muscle (the muscle that controls ejaculation and urination). Engaging in erectile dysfunction exercises strengthens this muscle and hence you become more in control during sex as you get to learn to ejaculate when you want.

The best way to train this muscle is to try and stop the flow of urine when you go to the washroom. Once you know where this muscle is located, keep practicing by engaging the PC muscle repeatedly for ten seconds. In so doing, when you get to bed and an urge to ejaculate comes early you can contract this muscle thus calling off the early PE, thus lasting longer in bed.
The Squeeze Technique
This is one of the simplest tricks to last longer during sex. It involves stopping simulation just before ejaculation occurs. To achieve this, you or your partner can place a thumb right around the penis just under its head, and then squeeze (by applying pressure) this area with other finders until the urge to shoot out fully subsides. You can then resume your sexual encounter and repeat the above procedure until you are willing to orgasm.

Play with your Head

One of the classic tricks to lasting longer entails using your head. The brain is a special organ and if you can control it, then premature ejaculation should not be something to push you around. For starters, you need to understand that your body will respond to what your brain is focused on.

Therefore, if you think about cumming, you will end up being too stimulated leading to a fast ending. To last longer, think about other things. You can think about anything you want from sports, news, tourism, cars, bikes, or anything you fancy. Focus on the actual act of pleasuring your partner and take all focus off yourself.

This strategy helps calm your nerves thus reducing the psyche levels that promote early climax. Another way to stay on top of your game is to try and keep your mind as clear as possible as if you are meditating.

In conclusion, success in bed is achieved when you manage to balance stamina and arousal. If you are too aroused, the encounter can be too short to satisfy your partner. Make use of the above techniques are meant to enjoy sex, satisfy your partner and stay away from the “one-minute-man” tag.


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